Nautilus Lite Sandwich Tuna Flakes in Spring Water 165g.

Brand Nautilus
Color White
Material Tuna Sandwich in Spring Water
Type of use Consume
Dimensions (L x W x H) 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
Weight 165.00g
Categories: Pantry&ingredients

Product Code: JOY-3311034736

canned tuna Low-sodium food for health care people from Nautilus Lite. Reduces the sodium content 30% lower than normal recipes and is rich in the benefits of tuna. High in protein, high in omega-3, high in iodine, low in calories. No MSG added and no preservatives. Guaranteed quality tuna from
Nautilus Food (Thailand) Company Limited, distributor of many leading brands of canned seafood. Pay attention to every step From the selection of raw materials, Yellowfin tuna, grade A tuna, and strict production processes regarding cleanliness, safety and meeting international standards.

Approximate components
Tuna 75%
Water 24.42%
Vegetable broth 0.58%

Products received may be subject to changes in package and quantity from the manufacturer. We reserve the right to make such changes. without prior notice

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  • Price 1.15 US Dollar / (Piece) Price FOB

  • Minimum order : 1000 (Piece)
  • Delivery time: 20-25 Days
This product has a minimum quantity of 1000

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