Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In A 120g.

Brand Senka
Color Pink
Material Whip Foam
Type of use clean face
Dimensions (L x W x H) 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm
Weight 1.00kg

Product Code: JOY-3243625310

Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In 120g
New style whipped facial cleansing foam, collagen formula, fine molecular foam. Soft and smooth like whipped cream Deeper cleaning Both waterproof makeup, dirt and invisible residue such as dust, pollution or even small dust like PM 2.5 without leaving residue on the skin. It also has 60% beauty serum ingredients combined with extracts from white cocoons (White Cocoon) and double hyaluronic acid, giving clean, clear, firm, smooth, soft, and moisturized skin. Look more radiant

- Facial cleansing foam that can create soft foam like whipped cream itself.
- Deeper cleaning. but still gentle Does not leave residue on the skin.
- Cleanses both waterproof makeup, dirt, dust, pollution, and even small dust particles like PM 2.5.
- Enriched with 60% beauty serum combined with extracts from white silk cocoons. and double hyaluronic
- Skin is clean, clear, looks firm, smooth, soft, and moisturized. Look more radiant
- Tested by skin experts.

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  • Sofy Cooling Fresh Panty Liners Regular Scented 28pcs.

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  • Tea Tree Facial Foam 140g.

    PropertiesCleansing foam for clean, clear, acne-free skin. Reduces oil on the face. Eliminate excess oil. and dirt that is clogged in the pores with natural value Helps reduce the accumulation of bact..

    Price : Price 5.20 US Dollar

  • Sofy Tanompew Sanitary Slim Wing Night 29cm. 12pcs.

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  • Benice Shower Gel Peach Love Peony 450ml.Refill

    Be Nice Peach Love Peony Shower Gel Glow & HydrateFeatureTake a clean shower and nourish your skin with Be Nice Peach Love Peony Shower Gel, a high quality shower cream product. that combines the..

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  • Kirei Kirei Foaming Hand Soap Refill 450ml.

    PropertiesKirei Kirei hand washing foam, original scent.Number 1 best seller in both Thailand and Japan. With a soft, fine foam texture, it can penetrate and clean effectively. Contains Anti-Bacteria..

    Price : Price 2.20 US Dollar

  • Price 6.00 US Dollar / (Piece) Price FOB

  • Minimum order : 1000 (Piece)
  • Delivery time: 20-25 Days
This product has a minimum quantity of 1000
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